Do you Own a Townhome in Whitby?

Buying and selling your townhouse should be handled with care. Some townhouses have condo fees which can get overlooked by your agent at the time of sale. A lot of buyers think fees only exist in more urban areas, but as Durham Region grows, so does the variation of structures available to buy. What do those fees include? This question bears a lot of weight because your buyer may not be prepared to make another payment on top of their mortgage payment. But if they know that it covers snow removal, water, and other amenities it may seem to be more ideal that freehold. Hiring the right REALTOR® can really make the difference in the sale of your townhouse and how to sell your home the most optimal way. Call me for more information on how I can help you and get the most for your money.

Observe some previous sales of mine to see how my marketing is different.

17 Dewell front front of home Trewin Whitby