First Time Home Buyers
Understanding the extra needs of a new buyer are important. Extra information and care are given to ensure readiness and confidence for first time home buyers.
Rental Property Investors
Property investors are unique as some are well versed in the investment market and some are just getting their feet wet. An investment club has been set up to support my new buyers,
ask me for details.
Couple Separations
This life change is not an easy one for anyone. An unbiased approach is taken in this real estate transaction and care for both partners is paramount.
Death of a loved one is something no one wants to face. Your time and energy is spent sorting out financial and personal affairs. Preparing the home for sale can be challenging. Extra help
is available to ensure smooth handling of contents and preparing the home for sale, ask for details.
Rural Properties
Wells, septic systems, property easements, private roads… are just a few things you will have to deal with in the purchase of a cottage or rural property. Care and extra resources are applied to
ensure an informed and comfortable purchase is made. After all the overall goal is to be able to relax and enjoy your new lifestyle!
Single Female Purchase
and Sale
Who knows a woman’s needs better than a woman! Being able to buy or sell a home knowing your best interest is at heart is what you need right now. No agendas, motives, assumptions, or fuss! Good contractors and resources are passed on to help you in the years after the sale.