Home Preparation Tips


A kitchen makeover can yield a high return when deciding to sell your home. Even small improvements like a new stainless
steel microwave and lighting are highly appealing to home owners.


A healthy lawn entices home buyers to see the inside of your home. If your lawn is currently patchy and dry, replace it in a
single weekend with fresh sod.


Paint your home neutral. Fresh paint in neutral tones will give your rooms a clean, updated look. Painting is one of the simplest,
most cost effective improvements a homeowner can make.


Replace carpets and area rugs that have stains or show significant wear. Hardwood, ceramic tile or laminate all wear well and
are popular with home buyers.


Bathroom updates are ideal. A new vanity, updated lighting and a ceramic tile floor pay dividends with home buyers. If your
toilet is old, it’s a good idea to replace it when you install the tile.


Ask Christine Denty or your home stager for their expert suggestions on improvements that correspond to the style of your home.
Tips such as paint colours, furniture arrangement and space-saving ideas can sell your home more quickly.


Visually increase the square footage of your home without demolition. A single large mirror adds perceived depth. Full view
glass doors as well as de-cluttering lend to the feel of a spacious, more open room.


Remove all mats and old area rugs. Buyers want to see the floors… not your day to day spillage.


Window coverings can make or break a room. If a modern window covering is not possible, consider removing it all together.
No covering is better than one that dates the room.


Use good old fashioned warm bulbs to light the inside and outside your home. Warm lighting is key to comfort. Energy saving
bulbs will save you money, but make your home look like a cafeteria. Non-fluorescent, non-cool white, non-daylight bulbs are best.
Incandescent bulbs work well in the photography of your home as well. One off bulb colour can compromise the end result. The
basement and garage is the only exception for a stylishly lit home.